Kona Hawaii Fishing Report – August wrap-up.
There were a few good size marlin Read the full story

Employing a Mustad-Octopus Beak 1/0 hook (generally used in saltwater fishing), we had used a single 2 mm foam strip for a wet-fly application. Today we'll need to tie in two strips of 3/8" wide foam (one atop the other) in order to create a dry-fly version
Picking up from where we left off last month, here are the materials you will need to tie a deadly winged wet-fly foam ant: Hook: Mustad-Octopus Beak 1/0 Thread: Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon ~ blackBody: 2 mm-thick foam strip ~ 3/8" wide ~ cinnamon or dark brown (6" length is easier with which to work). I'll show the finished fly in both colors
It is a fact that most fish are caught on or near the bottom of the water column, be it in the suds, a deep freshwater pool, a still pond, or a fast-moving stream. It's also a fact that Donna and I are all about catching fish for fun, virtually all to be carefully released to be fooled and foiled another day
It was many moons ago when Donna and I started fishing the Peconic River, somewhere between the formally named Indian Island Clubhouse Restaurant and the Route 105 Bridge in Riverhead, Long Island, New York. Donna and I were working a medium action spinning outfit and a fly rod: she, with ten-pound test monofilament line, tossing a 3/4 oz
Unlike yesterday's Lobster Thermidor dish, where we saved and stuffed the crustacean's cavity and claws, this time around, we are simply going to remove the lobster meat and serve it with a sauce on a bed of Spanish yellow rice. But first we have to prepare two necessary ingredients for this fantastic recipe: clarified (drawn) butter and béchamel sauce
It's February. The Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania groundhog has just declared six more weeks of winter
Whether you are specifically heading off to warmer climates for a bit of fishing this winter or simply traveling willy-nilly any time of year with no particular plans or destination in mind, it's always nice to have along your own fishing equipment. How many times have you driven by an inviting body of water and thought, "Ah, I wish I had brought along my fishing gear"? Donna and I had been in that situation on more than one occasion before I did something about it
On October 1st and 2nd, I had written a two-part piece for Nor'east Saltwater on Porta-Botes' foldable boats. Part One was titled Barnacle-Free Boat Bottoms? Better Believe It
While fly anglers work season after season to refine their cast, perfect their lure knots and gather intel on remote locations, skill can only get you so far if you don't have the gear you need, when you need it. Never fumble for your landing net or wading staff with Gear Keeper retractable tether products specifically designed for these key necessities
I've been a big fan of Dexter Knifes my entire life. When it comes to filleting a fish, delicate skinning, cutting though a tough bone or even slicing some bait, we have all either used or seen Dexter Knives with the familiar white handles

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